Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Analyst (AX & CRM)

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Analyst (AX & CRM)
Full time - $125,000 + super
Melbourne CBD

Key Accountabilities

Safety – Work safe, home safe
  • Promote workplace safety procedures
  • Comply with OHS legislation
  • Adopt work practices that support HSE programs
  • Take reasonable care for own health and safety and the health and safety of other people who may be affected by your conduct
  • Support the development of a strong safety culture
Unite – We work together to achieve better outcomes
  • Develop and maintain a good working knowledge of the functionality of the Sales function
  • Develop and maintain a good working knowledge of the Sales functionality of the Rendering Business Unit
  • Drive an understanding of ITS practices, capabilities and strategy with the relevant Business Units, as assigned
  • Build an effective relationship with key stakeholders, including the Sales Teams, Regional Administration team and other stake holders as required.
  • Assist your colleagues where required
  • Provide constructive feedback to assist with the learning’s of your colleagues
  • Contribute to your colleagues development through the sharing of your skills and knowledge
Respect – We treat each other and the environment with respect
  • Work ethically with a culture of respect and integrity
Learn – We strive to continuously improve
  • Identify opportunities within the Business where ITS can improve outcomes and return on investment
  • Identify and manage opportunities for business process improvement, improved efficiencies, capabilities and revenue improvements within the Business Systems team and for the business as appropriate
Deliver – We do what we say we will
  • Provide Technical advice to support Strategic Plan reviews / initiatives as required
  • Provide Mentoring support and AX Sales and CRM Systems advice to the Application Support team as required
  • Understand the Business Environment and its influences on, and relationship to, Business requirements (Enterprise Analysis) in conjunction with Business Analysts: 
    • Ability to understand the business vision, drivers, goals and objectives and context for business problems and opportunities.  Gain perspective of the business needs and environment of customers, users and stakeholders.  Generate business case, project charter and scope definition documents as required for initiatives;
  • Gather requirements appropriately from relevant Stakeholders (Requirements Elicitation) in conjunction with  Business Analysts:
    • Ability to work through a process of progressive elaboration of requirements and evolve to maturity.  Conduct requirements gathering sessions with customers, users and stakeholders including discovery sessions, interviews, surveys, prototyping, requirements workshops, etc.  Confirm business scenarios considered within scope and understanding of business requirements.    Formalise business requirements through generation of Business Requirements Document.
  • Assess requirements for feasibility in context of Dynamics AX capability and other systems maturity and relationship to related processes (Requirements Analysis) in conjunction with Business Analysts: 
    • Study requirement feasibility to determine technical, operational and commercial viability and determine trade-offs, alternatives and priorities.  Evaluate requirements for required function and performance, context of implementation, stakeholder constraints, measures of effectiveness, etc.  Model requirements to restate and clarify, derive more detailed requirements, determine risks, etc. 
  • Outline and specify requirements in terms of Dynamics AX functionality & design, other business systems design, and the system based outcomes and verify with stakeholders (Requirements Specification and Validation) in conjunction with Business Analysts: 
  • Elaborate requirements to a detailed level and document accordingly using appropriate tools and templates; Architect solution and design utilising AX solution and other applications where appropriate.
  • Validate and verify requirements with customers, users and stakeholders.  Translate requirements into appropriate formats and levels of detail for respective audiences. 
  • Undertake appropriate methods of solution assessment, prototyping, agile development techniques, validation against requirements, walkthroughs, etc.   Validate proposed solution with customer, user and Stakeholders.  Ensure solution meets stakeholder objectives.
  • Implement the agreed business systems solution utilising Dynamics AX and other applications as appropriate (Solution Implementation) in conjunction with Business Analysts:
  • Apply ITS project governance and management practices to implement the agreed solution.  Ensure quality through appropriate levels of testing and validation.  Ensure change management and organisational change considerations are addressed through appropriate change management practices, methods and communications; Ensure competent level of ability is developed within business to utilise and leverage benefits of the solution.
  • Provide ongoing higher tier Dynamics AX support (Solution Support and Maintenance) in conjunction with Business Analysts:
  • Provide ongoing higher tier Sales Systems and Processes (Solution Support and Maintenance):
  • Provide ongoing elevated support for issues and queries that cannot be resolved within the Business through key users’ capability.  Enable a Dynamics AX Centre of Excellence type environment where enhancements and improvements to the solution can be discussed and assessed where appropriate
  • Adhere to ITS governance requirements and the agreed governance framework of the Business to ensure that ITS resources and accountability are aligned with Business priorities.
  • Adhere to the ITS Change Management policy and procedures. Ensure all changes are documented and approved.
  • Management of assigned support calls in Helpdesk Application, including adequate documentation according to the ITS service delivery requirements.
  • Contribute to disaster recovery strategy and risk management procedures across Dynamics AX and related systems
  • Provide assistance to the Business Systems Manager as required

  • Evidence of understanding and application of Business Analysis techniques and practices as defined within Business Systems Services Team;
  • Evidence of understanding and improvement to Business Process knowledge in key areas assigned within roll out responsibilities;
  • Evidence of understanding and improvement to existing Dynamics AX and CRM knowledge in key areas assigned within roll out responsibilities;
  • Delivery of the agreed key Business initiatives within agreed timeframes, within scope and on budget and using effective change management techniques;
  • Attendance of Team meetings and BU meetings

  • Chief Information Officer
  • Group ITS Manager
  • Infrastructure Manager
  • Business Systems Services team
  • Project Management
  • Business project teams as required.
  • Key business stakeholders and Management – Critical relationship with Business and key stakeholders
  • Business Systems external vendors in respect of the provision of goods, services and projects.
  • Dynamics AX Partner
  • Business Systems Software vendors