Benefits of attending industry conferences, seminars and events

No matter what industry you personally work in, there will be plenty of meet-ups, events and conferences happening, whether they are weekly, monthly or annually. Are you someone that attends as many as possible or perhaps someone that is reluctant to, for whatever reason?

Industry events are a great way of meeting like-minded people in your industry to discuss a wide array of topics related to your specific industry.

With a couple of key events happening in our specific market, Microsoft Dynamics 365, I thought would be a good idea to share some insight from our previous experiences attending such events and the benefits you get from attending.


Learning something new

You know what they say, “Knowledge is Power” and why wouldn’t anyone want to learn something new and gain more knowledge and expertise in their chosen profession? Attending an event in person, where industry experts are speaking/presenting has to be one of the best ways, allowing you to ask questions in the moment. Personally, I have attended many events in my market and although a lot of the information can go over my head, being technical, I still 100% believe any knowledge I can gain, no matter how small, will only benefit me in my professional career.



If you are a seasoned attendee or someone that naturally oozes self-confidence, then you may be in your elements at such events but unfortunately, we don’t all have that trait. Meeting new people can be daunting if you personally may be a shy individual or perhaps you have moved somewhere new and don’t know too many people. My advice to anyone who does have any apprehensions, try not to worry, other people will be or have been in a similar situation and once you get to the event, people will certainly do their best to make you feel welcome.


Building your brand

Attending industry events is a great way or building your brand, whether that be the company you work for or you personally. You never know whom you might meet at an event and what value that can bring in the future. Meeting people in persona who may need your products, services or expertise in the future is so much more effective than sending them an email or speaking over the phone and ultimately it allows you to build more a personal connection and say the saying goes “people buy from people”


Keeping up to date with market trends

Knowing what the latest’s news and trends are in your industry is key to ensuring you stay ahead of the curve, as we all know how quickly things can change, especially in the world of technology. Industry events usually introduce new trends that have recently or soon to be coming to the forefront of the market so staying up to date with this type of information is going to be key to your personal professional development.



Any industry event presents a great opportunity to meet lots of like-minded people who share similar interests. The people you make connections with could also prove resourceful in the future, whether that could be a potential new customer, new client, new job opportunity and perhaps even a new friendship. From my experience having attended many different events one thing I always have found, especially in my market, is a sense of community.

To summarise I think no matter what job or industry you work in attending any such event in your industry should provide you will some personally value and I would recommend to anyone thinking about attending their first, take the leap ☺


Digital Monk International is excited to be a proud sponsor of two upcoming events in the Microsoft Dynamics market in Australia and having attended both last year we would highly recommend these insightful events.


DynamicsPower – https://www.365portal.org/

Perth – July 27th

Sydney – August 3rd

Melbourne – August 10th


Summit Australia For Microsoft Business Application – https://community.dynamics.com/365/b/events/archive/2018/01/19/summit-australia-for-microsoft-business-applications

Melbourne – 21st – 23rd August


As always, I welcome any thoughts and feedback.


by Craig Radford – Director, Monk and Specialist Dynamics 365 / Power Platform Recruiter

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