Remote Working

Data security in the Remote Working Era

With all the free time we have had over the course of the last year, it has given businesses time to reflect and focus. At first, businesses main concern was the safety and overall health of its employees, respectively! As we’ve had time to come to terms with our situation and adapt to our new life, companies are now focusing on security and productivity… which are also now at risk! 


The fact is a lot of Australians are shocked at how much they enjoy working from home. It has been eye opening to the world as many companies are choosing to keep remote working an option even after the pandemic is over. However, as we all know all that glitters isn’t gold! 


With the era of remote work, we are experiencing another type of epidemic. The lack of cybersecurity! 


Wolves in Sheep’s Wool

It is easy to say,” Yes! We need to step up our security” without knowing the dangers that are truly just one click away. As technology advances, so do hackers and people who wish to steal your information. It seems like everyday we are discovering new ways people use in order to scam others. Especially now that millions of companies are working primarily on cloud-based services! Yes, hackers are going to hack but it was found that most security breaches that happened over the course of 2020 have been due to lack of secure devices. According to Australia’s Home Affairs in their Cyber Security Strategy for 2020, they found that over 56% of Australians were working from personal devices that weren’t suited to secure private company records. It’s apparent that there is a problem when it comes to protecting our information but how to stop it?! 


The Unsung Heroes

There are many ways your company can beef up it’s security. Simply put, knowledge is power. One of the easiest ways to make sure your business information isn’t breached anytime soon is through informing your employees. By coming up with telework policies and procedures, you are exposing your workers to what scams look like and helping them identify possible security breaches. Another way companies can add to their cybersecurity plan is to use a virtual private network or a VPN. This allows employees to keep sensitive company information in a secure network. In addition, VPN encrypts connections to resources and uses multi level authentication factors to make it harder for someone to steal your passwords and usernames! Don’t have enough time to spend your whole work day revamping your cybersecurity? That’s fine. Digital Monk International you covered! Check out our Talent Portal to scroll through our list of qualified and vetted candidates to take care of your data using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Security. You can even post a detailed job listing on our Live Jobs feature. With hackers attacking companies every 39 seconds and 206 days as the average time to identify a breach, there has never been a better time than now to make sure you and your business are safe.

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