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Embarking on a Dynamics 365 Transformation Project? Why you should consider hiring a Specialist Dynamics 365 Professional

In this article, I want to share some insight and experience we have gained from the 6 years having supported the Microsoft Dynamics Eco-System across Australia & New Zealand and the benefits an organisation will see by directly hiring a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Professional.

We are certain this is not specific just to Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects and I’m sure projects across all types of industries and technologies have experienced and faced the same challenges that come with any large transformation project. From my experience and what I have heard and seeing in the market is that the majority of projects experience more challenges and failures when they don’t have any in-house expertise working in the business, for the business and with the business’ best interest in mind.


In our experience, we believe that if it’s a large program of work then selecting a proven vendor to deliver the project is vital, as you do require a delivery team / partner that has been there and done it, hopefully many times previously and that will give you confidence in the project.

Having recently attended the AXUG in Melbourne at the end of 2018 we sat in multiple sessions where some of the most senior people in Microsoft’s Consulting team were advising customers of the very same thing, that ultimately ownership of the project should lie with the business and that the one thing they must do “is bring on board at least one specialist Dynamics resource” and I couldn’t agree more, having that hybrid option, a mix of in-house Dynamics 365 specialists working in-conjunction with the external vendor is the best solution all round!


Employment Options to Consider – Permanent or Contract?

There will ultimately be some key factors in which route you take, what the role responsibility is, do you need that resource for the duration of the overall project or just perhaps a certain program of work in the project?


Contractor – I do think there can be a consensus that contractors are expensive and they are just in it for the $$$ but as we know in our day to day life and how the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. If you come across career contractors there is generally a reason as to why they are! Generally based on their level of expertise, skillset and reference ability of their prior project experience.


Permanent – A permanent resource is certainly the more cost-effective route to look at but you do have to bear in mind the longevity of the specific role, the responsibilities and deliverables. In my experience, I generally see more permanent roles either at the very start of lengthy implementation and if the client see’s continuous programs of work required post Go Live.


 Fixed Term – One option that we are seeing more common in the market at the moment, is the Fixed Term contract role. Certainly, in our niche market of Dynamics 365 this option offered is perhaps not the ideal route to go down if at possible. We appreciate that budgets are tight but offering fixed term Pro Rata Options, especially anything less than 12months really does limit the candidate pool.

(Keen to understand more around current salaries & rates in the Dynamics 365 Eco-system contact me (details below) to receive a copy of our 2019 salary guide.)


Final Food for Thought:

I believe that ultimately, it’s about collaboration and projects can breakdown due to a disconnect between the client and their vendor. Having a skilled professional within the business, working for the business, especially at Senior Level can bridge the gap between Senior Stakeholders and the external delivery partner.

Not having any skills or ownership in the business when going through any business transformation project can lead to delays, further expenses and at the very worst, projects being halted together, which is ultimately not the outcome anyone wants.

As always, I welcome any thoughts and feedback.


by Craig Radford – Director, Monk and Specialist Dynamics 365 / Power Platform Recruiter

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