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Ever-growing market, more projects, shortage of skilled candidates – What’s the solution?


For people that don’t know me, I have been dedicated to supporting the growth of Microsoft Dynamics across Australia & New Zealand for the past 5 years, in the role of recruitment consultant.

When I first stepped into the CRM market 5 years ago clients were running CRM 2011 with some still stuck on V4.0 and with no cloud offering and poor functionality trying to compete with Salesforce was a challenge, to say the least.

Fast forward to today and it’s a completely different story. Since the evolution of the Cloud Microsoft really have come to the forefront of the market with their Dynamics offerings (CRM,AX,NAV) and now with their market changing platform, Dynamics 365.


Current Market:

One thing that hasn’t changed over time is with it still being a candidate short market and knowing the expected growth of Dynamics365 in 2018 and beyond I only see that continuing.

We see more IT Consultancies moving into the Dynamics space which is great to see, that tells us there is plenty of opportunities in the market, more projects to be delivered and with that, it certainly becomes a candidate’s market!

More projects does mean more competition, not only to attract candidates but also to retain them. Everybody is competing for the same pool of candidates and with the Australian Government aiming to cut back on skilled migration and sponsorships and fewer companies looking at that route how are we to keep up with the ever-growing demand? What’s the solution?

Having worked and supported many of the leading Microsoft Partners in the market I know the level of experience and skill-set they require for their delivery teams, with key projects to deliver we can all appreciate that they require professionals that well and truly can hit the ground running but when that pool of candidates runs dry, what’s the alternative.


The Future:

I personally believe that if we all have the same goal, which is to continue to see the adoption and growth of Dynamics365 then we also need to look at how are we going to add to the eco-system with more skilled Microsoft Dynamics professionals

Graduates – I think we have to look at bringing more fresh, hungry and passionate people into the market. I understand it’s not just a simple case for a partner to say, “let’s set up a graduate scheme” but I think with proper planning, execution and hopefully support from Microsoft I would like to think that we could be looking at some next-generation MVP’s.

Cross Training – I do believe that some organisations still have an old way of thinking, hiring based on technical skills and tenure of experience. We see often on job descriptions candidates must have 5, 8, 10 years’ experience to be considered but in reality, if someone had 7 years instead of 10 would they still be technically competent?

With the way the market is trending and with the Dynamics 365 platform being vertical driven what do we see as more valuable experience? an individual’s market sector experience? or their product experience?


What can you learn more quickly?

If we are going to get more experienced professionals into the Dynamics we need to be considering skilled consultants with other vendor experience and getting them cross-trained into Dynamics 365. Ultimately you can train people on the product or further technical skills but what you can’t train drive, attitude, and personality.

This is of course just my thoughts on the current market conditions in Australia & New Zealand, you may or may not agree and I’d certainly welcome any thoughts, insight or additional feedback.


by Craig Radford – Director, Monk and Specialist Dynamics 365 / Power Platform Recruiter

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