How CIOs are adapting to the new normal

What started off as a two week holiday has turned into a worldwide pandemic that has affected almost every single aspect of our lives. How the world views their jobs has changed and so have the businesses themselves! Your job is kind of like an ant farm. All the different positions of ants working together to survive; while all the ants are essential, it seems like there is a new queen in the colony in 2020! 


The role of the CIO has always been one of importance! Implementing tech in order to heighten the company and making sure all internal processes are operating smoothly. Imagine if your Microsoft Office wasn’t working and you had to figure it out all by yourself… A NIGHTMARE! In the midst of a global pandemic, the role of the CIO has certainly come into the limelight. Out of the shadows, they emerged to help businesses deal with what nationwide shutdowns would mean to their daily operation. 


In the beginning, it was tough… to put it nicely. March 13th was the last day many Australians would take their daily commute. That very day IT departments and CIO’s were told they had to shift entire companies from on-site work to remote work as soon as they possibly could. Even though becoming a CIO means hours of education and experience with technology, nothing could’ve prepared them for these tasks. Yes, they know a lot about computers and programs but to shift an entire company from in-person to online seems almost impossible. Despite all odds, they did it! A lot of Australian businesses were able to go remote in as little as 3-4 days. That’s nothing short of superhuman powers. Our CIOs and IT department definitely deserve a round of applause. We can only imagine how little sleep they must have got! 


Now, over 9 months later and a lot of password resets later, CIOs have gotten more use to what a remote working company looks like and how to deal with the issues that arise. They are looking to the future. It is no longer, how do we do this? It’s what are we going to do next? As restrictions are lifted and more people are leaving their homes to shop, dine, and have fun it is apparent that there will soon be a rise in COVID cases. To be blunt, businesses are here to make money but there is a right way to do it. CIOs are currently brainstorming and innovating the way we experience the world around us. Discovering new ways to entertain YOU from the comfort of your sofa! From online shopping tours of your favorite store to virtual visits to the museum, CIOs are in charge of creating new and groundbreaking ways to improve revenue without endangering lives. With the ease of using software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams, it isn’t a surprise that CIOs aren’t meekly surviving but THRIVING under these circumstances! 

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