How the Digital Monk International Live Job Board Innovates Recruitment

Finding a job in 2020 is hard enough. Especially when facing the highest unemployment rates since 2009, little to no signs of job security, and a worldwide pandemic! It is no surprise that now more than ever people need stability. Looking for employment is tough and finding qualified employees is even harder; especially when your career is based on such a niche as Microsoft Dynamics 365. Fortunately, Digital Monk International has seen the need in the community and has solved it! 


Whether you are a business owner posting in need of a new power platform consultant or a developer that would rather work from home and not in office, this new feature gives equal opportunities for both the employer and the employee. With the launch of our Live Jobs, we hope to make the process of finding and posting jobs easier for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 community. It gets better! 



How we Help Both Sides of the Same Coin

One of the most unique things our Live Jobs tab has to offer is that we are simultaneously bringing together business owners to our qualified and vetted candidates. Here, business owners post the job listing they are hoping to fill while also being able to browse for reputable applicants in the Talent Portal.  


Live Jobs listings are extremely specific and detailed to ensure both parties are aware of what the positions enquiries, leading to a pool of the best candidates. While we don’t suggest it, you could pick any of the candidates that apply at random! Applicants go through several rigorous background checks to ensure that they are highly qualified and educated; ready to jump on board and get started as a great asset to your company. 



Freedom and Flexibility in the Most Restrictive of Times

While Australia starts to come out of lockdowns and get a sense of what times before COVID were like, we are still dealing with restrictions. However, with Live Jobs, we set out to make it as easy as possible to find exactly what you are looking for. There are many different methods in which you can customize your search. Whether you are looking for a Functional Consultant or wanting to start working as a Project Manager, the position feature sorts it out and only shows you positions, you feel comfortable with. From contract to full-time, you have the flexibility to pick your job type. Only like working on Dynamics 365 F&O projects? Do you need to hire just one more developer? With the technologies filter, you will only find work you enjoy doing. In times where you have to check the news to see if you can step outside, Digital Monk International gives you the opportunity to pick the perfect job for you… no restrictions necessary.


It takes a lot of skill to find someone to do the job right and efficiently, especially in the Dynamics 365 market. With this tool, we are taking on the starting steps so you don’t have to. Simply post a listing and wait for the candidates to start flooding in; all you have to do is pick!

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