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Industry Certifications – Essential or Desirable?

Let me just start by saying that I am personally an advocate for professionals taking time out of their busy lives to put in the time and effort and study for an examination. To me that shows that individual has passion for their job and profession and takes pride on gaining key certifications in their profession. Does that mean that if someone doesn’t have up to date certifications that they are aren’t passionate about their job and the work they do?? I would say for the majority of people, no of course not.

Having recently had a couple of clients come to us looking for some Senior Resources in our specialist market, Microsoft Dynamics 365 with one of the key essential criteria’s was for any applicants to have the most recent D365 certification. With the AU market, already being short of skilled professionals, that essential must have made the options even more limited and knew that some of the very best and most suited candidates for this role currently didn’t have the certification required so couldn’t be considered.


With this is mind I’m keen to understand people thoughts:

To my network of professionals; Are you someone that believes you should be completing the most up to date certifications that are released in your specific industry / profession? If so I’m keen to understand why? Do you truly see value in having these certifications? Do you believe it gives you an edge over other candidates in your market?

On the other side, Are you someone that hasn’t perhaps completed any certifications in recent times? If so how come? Do you not see true value in having them on your resume? Do you believe that it truly comes down to the experience of the individual and having perhaps a number of certifications doesn’t really make a difference? or with a very busy work and personal life finding the time to get them done is the challenge!


For hiring managers, when hiring candidates how much notice do you take of the industry certifications one candidates has over another, does that play a factor when making a decision, how important are they compared to someone’s experience, expertise and measurable achievements in their previous role?

For organisations that are about to embark on a new key project and are going out to tender for an external vendor to partner with. What is key when choosing that vendor? Is the number of certifications the employee’s have one of the factors in your decision-making process? Would you see value in that organisation ensuring their employees are certified or would you be looking more at the overall experience of their consultants?


As always, I welcome any thoughts and feedback.


by Craig Radford – Director, Monk and Specialist Dynamics 365 / Power Platform Recruiter

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