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Microsoft Dynamics 365: A Cheat Sheet

Most of the time, you need experts to help you figure out complex softwares. Luckily, here at Digital Monk International, we specialise in bringing YOU to qualified and vetted Dynamics 365 specialists! Here is a quick cheat sheet designed by our experts to help inform you how much Microsoft Dynamics can do for you! 


Sales: This feature does everything besides invent the product you are selling. The sales application enables its users to track customers, get informative and accurate feedback, generate warm leads and help close sales quicker. It’s like having an entire team of  persuasive sales representatives all with the click of a button! 


Operations: The operations application overlooks all details when it comes to financial and operational planning, manufacturing and supply management. It enables its users to monitor performance in real time while also helping users predict future outcomes. It reduces both cost and risk. It truly takes the headache of inventory management off you! 


Customer Service: All applications are created equal, but the customer service app is definitely essential! It takes care of  driving up customer engagement while simultaneously making sure your consumer has a fast and personalized experience and most importantly a pleasurable experience! This application is like hiring an entire call center but better. It even has the option for instant messaging powered by AI agents to answer customer’s inquiries 24/7! 


Marketing: Marketing is one of the most important yet most difficult parts to manage when it comes to your business. Thankfully, Dynamics makes it a little easier for you to manage your advertising. With an automated scheduler and spam checker, it’s basically like having your own social media manager plus more! 


Field Service: With 2020 being the era of remote work, this MD365 feature has come as a miracle worker! The field service aspect of the program enables users to optimize their mobile workforce! From remote assisting monitoring to intelligent scheduling, the particular application makes it easier to work from anywhere in the world; all you need is some pretty good wifi! 


Human Resources: It’s always an intimidating experience asking your boss for the day off. Now with MD365, it doesn’t have to be so scary. With this new aspect of Dynamics 365, it allows for freedom and flexibility while also maintaining effective communication within your business.  From requesting leaves of absences to offering enhanced benefit plans to housing policies and guidelines, this feature certainly brings incredible value to your company. 


These are only 6 of 12 unique and distinct applications that Microsoft Dynamics 365 has to offer. If you are looking to find someone to assist you with Microsoft Dynamics 365, our website offers specialists in every field. Just check out our Live Jobs and Talent Portal!  If our quick cheat sheet impressed you, imagine what this software could do to your business! 

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