Remote Working

The Cultural Shift Towards Remote Working

With Australia coming out of one of the most restrictive COVID lockdowns in the world, it is no surprise that there has been a change in the work-life of most Australians. From fluorescent bulbs in a cubicle to the natural light of your desk at home, it is certainly different than how most worked only a year ago. It is not only a difference in your life but a worldwide cultural shift towards remote working. Working from home has been an eye-opener to thousands of businesses and their employees, erasing stigmas of inactivity and boosting morale through mutual trust.


Though it’s felt like a millennium, the mass transition from the work office to the home office only recently started in March 2020. 


“No one is actually going to work.”


“They will only take advantage of the system.”


“This is going to kill the economy.”


Just three of the many criticisms people had during the start of the transition. Those people, however, couldn’t have been more wrong. Many if not most of the studies taken throughout the pandemic have shown an increase in both worker productivity and overall job satisfaction. According to a survey done by the Financial Review, of 5000 workers in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, two-thirds said they were more productive working at home than in an office; even with the whole family home. Less commuting means less stress with less car maintenance, less money going towards petrol, and less aggravating traffic at 7:45 am! Working from home has also allowed more people to turn to healthier lifestyles; such as working out and paying more attention to what they eat. This turns into more energy to finish up the final project for that one big client! Who knew that all you needed to get fit was to stay at home?


As we peer into the lives of our colleagues via Microsoft Teams meetings, restrictions seem to have brought coworkers closer together. It was inevitable. We have learned how to be flexible and accommodating to others. Figuring out that everyone has hardships even when they are employee of the month. We have become more understanding than we once were. Instead of getting frustrated when your supervisor is a couple of minutes late to the Microsoft Teams meeting, you text them if everything is alright; we have become more patient and kind towards others, now when we are furthest from them. 


All in all, remote working has just entered the mainstream and it is here to stay! At Digital Monk International, we are proud to say that we have paved the way for remote working systems long before the pandemic. With our Live Jobs and Talent Portal, we have made it quick and easy to find quality remote work for our vetted and qualified candidates; as well as hybrid choices. With thousands of different options, it’s all up to you; don’t be afraid and take a look. You might just love working from home! 

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