The Emergence of Employer Branding 

Have you ever appreciated a company’s success, innovation and growth? You marvel at the genius and become inspired by such stories. That is, until the mirage fades away! 


Many businesses fixate on their branding and marketing from an external point of view. Often neglecting company culture and the consequences of poor management. A famous example of this was when The Ellen Show was caught out encouraging a toxic work environment in 2020.

Cases of bullying, terrible work life balance and discrimiation shocked many. Afterall, how could a brand that coined the phrase ‘be kind to one another’ be at such the forefront of workplace bullying? 


Now, we’re not a gossip columnist here at Digital Monk International! The life of the rich and famous doesn’t worry us, however, the life of hard working people does peak our interest and passions. The fall from grace The Ellen Show experienced in 2020 demonstrated employer branding, something of which people are taking a stand for now, more than ever!



What is Employer Branding?

Employer branding is the process of managing and influencing your reputation as an employer among job seekers, employees and key stakeholders. In 2021 employer branding is what truly markets a business to its candidates. 


To put this in perspective, let’s play a game of would you rather. 



Would You Rather: 

  1. Work for a company that is notorious for workplace bullying and discrimination
  2. Barely has any reviews from former employees
  3. Has a fantastic workplace culture and opportunities for growth



You probably picked C didn’t you and if you did, you picked correctly. If you picked A or B we recommend you speak to us immediately for guidance. 


If you’re wondering why we didn’t advocate for option B it’s because it’s due to the lack of reputation the organisation has. That’s not to say the business may not be great to work for; it’s just that many candidates dedicate years to enhance their skill set and many don’t want to take the risk of it working out or not.


We truly take care of our candidates here at Digital Monk International, it’s just as crucial for us to source a healthy work environment for candidates, as it is finding the perfect candidate for a specific company culture. 



How to Identify a Company With Great Employer Branding? 

It’s simple!


  1. They have fantastic reviews from previous employees
  2. You have been referred to them via a current employee
  3. They promote employees due to their hard work, passion and dedication
  4. They offer a fantastic work life balance and company rewards
  5. They’re on our Live Jobs board at Digital Monk International


We don’t just work with any company, we work with businesses that value their market growth just as much as they do for their company culture! That’s why you can trust all job opportunities listed on our Live Jobs section on our website. 



How do I improve my Employer Branding?

Again, it’s simple! Speak to our friendly team at Digital Monk International! We’ve helped many growing businesses create successful company culture. 

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